Films made between 2009-2018

Spose it’s Got to Move You, 2-4 channel video, 16mm on HD, sound & music by BADFOOD, 2016
True Mirror, 16mm on HD, 2017
Hologram Burnt Onto The Retina, 16mm on HD, sound, 2019

Somehow Eaten In The Dark, 16mm on HD, silent, 2016

A Cool Drink To Cheek, 16mm on HD, sound, 2014
Such Animals, 16mm on HD, sound & music by Sam Austen, Kugan Vijayatharan and Jackson Blumenthal, 2014
Angry Film, 16mm on HD, sound by Kugan Vijayatharan, 2010
A Door Has Opened, 16mm on HD, silent, 2013

Then I Get An Image, 16mm on HD, silent, 2012
Untitled, 16mm, silent, 2013
Planet, 16mm on HD, silent, 2010
All That Is Alive Merely Evaporates, 16mm on SD, silent, 2009

All works copyright Sam Austen